How People Watch Porn In London Compared To The Rest?

Now, asking the question of ‘how do people in London watch porn?’ may be met with slight(or more likely not so slight), obviously they do it just the same as the rest of us mortals, however that doesn’t have to be the case, every place on Earth has slightly different porn-watching habits, and these are quite important to explore for our understanding of porn, and especially for companies advertising their videos.

Firstly, Londoner’s love British porn videos, now this is quite a present trend even outside of London, people want to see people that they’re familiar with getting banged? Seems simple right? Well while that is the case, London prefers British videos disproportionately to other places, so much so that some companies have elected to take specific, location-dependent protocols to recommend different kinds of porn to London viewers. This together makes it obvious that Londoners much prefer their own, British women to foreigners.  This trend is also present in some other countries besides the UK, such as Germany, Italy, Mexico etc.

Porn trends also seem to differ quite a bit throughout different parts of the country, with places such as Sheffield or Liverpool having much different trending searches.

Despite being one of the highest-income areas in the world, it has begun to seem that people from London are cheapskates, at least on the porn side of things, being lovers of freebies, Londoners seem to love free porn. London and England in general has a very low rate of subscription to paysites. This could be partly to the mass availability of free streaming services which are overshadowing the paid ones by a mile.

People from England in general seem to love the US based pornstar Lisa Ann. While she’s a big name in the porn industry anywhere, the American MILF seems to be enjoying a particular popularity in the UK,  as does girl on girl action. British men seem to absolutely love lesbian porn, with it topping the charts year after year, someone would think all of Britain’s women are lesbians, but instead the ones inflating this statistic is actually the men of Britain, who seem to enjoy quite a bit of girl on girl action in their free time. However this particular part of the statistics also aligns with the world view with lesbian porn being one of the most sought-after porn categories in the world.

All in all, Britain is a weird area when it comes to porn, some areas prefer some things, others prefer other things, some like Sheffield like natural breasts, while Liverpool has a thing for teachers. All of this diversity makes it hard for marketers to target it, however it also goes to show that you can have a fairly homogenous country with vastly different preferences when it comes to what they would like to jack off to in their leisure time.

In the end, London remains a fairly unique area when it comes to porn watching tendencies, partly due to the mass influx of immigrants from other countries and other cities, which further muddles the searching statistics.