Great places in London to propose to your girlfriend

Proposing to your loved one is a big step. It can make you a nervous wreck or an excited bunny, depending on how well you pop the question. If you are thinking of proposing to your girlfriend in London, we have a few great ideas to share. There are many services that make the whole experience, romantic and hassle-free.

 Instead of spending a lot of time planning the whole event, you can hire a professional to make it all happen. London has an envious number of services that can make your special day, a memorable one.

Some locations even offer a proposal package to make the whole experience easy. Here are some of the great places where you can pop the question.

  1. Coca-Cola London Eye

How about popping the question hundred meters above the ground while riding a private pod in the London Eye? It is not too expensive and you can bring your own champagne and glasses. Keep an eye on the weather and choose a pleasant evening and your chances of ‘Yes’ will be high.

  1. South Bank

South Bank is one of the most picturesque settings in London, especially in the evening. Take a leisurely walk by the promenade and pop the question. You can hire a photographer to trail you at a distance to take some candid pictures. Your girlfriend will love the surprise.

  1. St. Paul’s Cathedral

If either of you is religious, St. Paul’s Cathedral is a great place to propose. Yes, you can’t get a proposal package. But it makes for a great backdrop for your selfies after she says yes! Check out the numerous galleries to see which one makes a good location to ask her and you will be golden.

  1. Royal Observatory Greenwich

If your girlfriend like the series Friends, Royal Observatory in Greenwich will be the best place to ask her. She will love the idea because that’s where Ross proposed to Rachel. It shows how much you pay attention to her thinking. This will also work great if she likes Astronomy. Because, when you can see the stars, magic can happen anywhere.

  1. Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

If your girlfriend is romantic and loves big gestures, there is one place she will absolutely love, Kyoto Garden in Holland Park. It won’t cost you anything and needs no prep work. Take her for a stroll and pop the question in front of the mini waterfall. It will be to be picture perfect.

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