Where to Rent a Room for Training Meetings?

A team training session is the perfect away to bolster your group’s productivity, but to even have a training session, you first need a good meeting room. Luckily in London, there are numerous agencies that can help you in booking a venue so you can be 100% focused on your training agenda. After all, if you can have someone else worry about booking your conference venue, you can spend more time thinking about the logistics and the exact details of how your training should go. Therefore, the following are just a few services available that can help you find the perfect meeting room for rent in London.


Training Room Hire

Training Room Hire is a great website that offers many diverse room rental options for training meetings. This website offers amazing spaces and rooms for passionate IT teams who need a meeting room fast. If you look at the numerous reviews that this site has, you will see many satisfied customers (and there is definitely a reason for that).

The pricing, location, and everything they offer is exceptional and you definitely get your money’s worth. They also value customer satisfaction and therefore will not take any money from you if you decide to cancel your event. On top of this, they do give you a chance to book another date within the year, allowing you to have a second chance at actualizing your team training session.


Almost all of the IT training rooms come equipped with some of the latest electronics and equipment. All computers come equipped with Intel Core i3, 3.4 GHz processors, 4 GB of RAM, Intel 3100 Graphics Media Accelerators, and a choice of monitors of various different sizes. If you are an Apple fan, they also offer MacBook 6.1; on the other hand, if you prefer Windows, you can get a Lenovo T400, both with the specifications mentioned above. You can also choose between rooms with computers and conference venues without computers, giving you a lot of flexibility in terms of what exactly it is that you need or don’t need. Also, rooms can be equipped with 7, 9, 13, 17, 21, or 26 computers in a room, allowing you to have a training session for various different group sizes.

In addition, you can choose between classrooms with the capacity of 10 to 20 people, boardrooms with a capacity of 8 to 20 people, or even U-shaped rooms with a capacity of 8 to 24 people.

On top of getting your choice of room size with the necessary tech, you can also hire tech support or special PC instructors to go along with your training sessions. Catering is also available, offering mixed sandwiches, coffee, pub style lunches, pastries, fruits, and biscuits

In terms of pricing, a computer room can go from 555 British Pounds while a conference room costs around 312.50 British Pounds

Peer Space

If you want to go even further, there is a site called Peer Space which does meeting room hires in London and many other locations as well. It works on a very simple principle – you choose your city, browse what kind of room you like, contact the person in charge of those rooms, and finally pay to reserve the location. This website usually charges by the hour, but with literally hundreds upon hundreds of different locations, you’ll be sure to find the right venue for your needs. Some of the most popular will be listed below.

The first one is the room intended for holding exhibitions, workshops, presentations, and performances. It is located in Soho, London and the price is 200 British Pounds, with a two hour minimum for booking. It is usually called a Large Open Space because it really is one, with the capacity of housing up to 240 people.

The second one is also located in Soho, but this one is a bit smaller with a capacity of 200 people, but the price is the same as the previous one. However, this room has a large grand piano inside of it and offers great acoustics and a high tech PA system. Needless to say, this room is best for when you’re organizing smaller music events or concerts.

The third room is perfect for individuals on a budget as it costs just 100 British Pounds for a space in Bloomsbury, London which accommodates up to 40 people. Among all the conference venues in London, this one caught our eye because it is really user-friendly, with a homey atmosphere and being just a 5 minute walk away from Holborn and Russel Square.

Every service offers some kind of meeting (training) room that might fit your needs. Exploring the internet and contacting the people that are in charge of the booking might get you a different price if you state your intentions clearly and without hesitation. Feel free to surf the internet to find the best meeting rooms in London for you.

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